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The agave is a plant native from America, its name means “noble” and “admirable”.

It was used for diverse purposes by native people as a source of health properties, conservation of natural resources, creation of work tools, material for construction, food, clothing and tribute to gods.

Its distillates are still being considered as a key element for multiple cultural expressions of indigenous and rural people and a very important compound of their household economy.

Agave is considered to originate from Mexico. Along with 75% of the 300 species identified in  the world. As it grows in arid, mountainous and rugged regions, this wonderful plant is present trouhgout the Mexican territory.

Mezcal is an Agave distillate considered as a “spirituous drink”, like other world-renowned products as Whiskey, Cognac, Rum or Araujo. Mezcal has a Denomination of Origin since 1974 and it occupies the largest area in the world, with 500,000 km2. Mezcal existed long before the emergence of the Tequila.

The Mezcal is elaborated in an ancestral way, using artisanal traditions as the cooking of the Agave body (known as a “penca” or “pineapples”) in ovens made of stone and mud and using firewood from native trees.

  The trituration of the cooked Agave is done by rudimentary tools, the fermentation barrels are made of wood and leather, and its subsequent distillation takes place in clay pots and copper stills. Unlike Tequila, which is exclusively made from a single Agave species -Agave Tequilana Weber- and elaborated in an industrial way. Mezcal is made from divers Agave species and is processed in an artisanal way in small distilleries “vinatas” or “palenques”, obtaining an exclusive product where the skills of the mezcalero master stand out, the only one who inherits the elaboration tradition from generation to generation and thus becoming the main guardian of the process.

Drinking Mezcal, crystalline, young or matured in glass, becomes a unique and mystic experience, highlighting the flavor of the type of Agave species used.

The combination of smoked, damp, burnt aromas, impregnated by the artisanal process and whose flavors are perfectly differentiated by notes from  herbs, citrus, fruity or timber, makes it a unique drink.

The double and even triple distillation, the purity in its process, the raw materials used and maturation and aging, make Mezcal a distillate of the highest category, growing in popularity worldwide, especially the Premium categories.

Drinking mezcal is enjoying a drink with history and tradition, it is magical and unique experience. Savoring each sip slowly makes you feel its spirit and soul which evokes emotions in each person.

ABC Mezcales is an organisation that was born out of the passion for Mezcal.
Mezcal is considered one of the most symbolic Mexican spirits with important cultural, traditional and social characteristics.

Our relationship with friends and people involved in the production, commercialisation and consumption of Mezcal in Mexico and Europe has inspired us to create ABCMezcales with the goal to promote social responsibility and circular economy within the Mezcal value chain.

Producers from different Mexican regions (Mezcal denomination of origin) participate in this initiative with the hope of continuing the traditional production of high quality Mezcal with people sharing similar values and interest in the development and application of good practices of production and trade.

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