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Mezcal culture & Jarana music 

Getting know about traditional Mexican Agave distilled and traditional Jarana (Mexican guitar) music accompanied by mezcal tasting.



This night you will know the bases of a Mezcal tasting. You will have the chance to taste different types of artisanal, premium Mezcal.

Jarana Music by Cesar E. Merlín Escorza.

Cesar is a Mexican social anthropologist who besides his PhD research, enjoys playing the traditional music of the Son Jarocho. This is a style born long ago from the mix of Indigenous, African and European music, same as most of the cultures and peoples in Latin America.



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Thank you and we will see you on September 21st!

Price per person

Includes presentation of Jarana music and tasting of 4 Mezcales

Jarana Music and Mezcal Tasting



The tasting consists of 4 types and brands of Mezcal.
Types of artisanal mezcal (PREMIUM) of species such as Agaves Cupreata / Espadin, etc.
Mezcal de Guerrero VICIO RECIO ”. [100% Agave Cupreata Double distillation, Mezcal distilled and matured in glass and champagne 2 years, Limited edition 100 bottles Master Mezcalero Franco Hernandez Alcocer / Joel Reyes Ramirez Ramón Alfonso Herrera Cupping. Production: Miramontes Zitlala Guerrero Town].
ABCMezcales and the brands are the property of the producers.
Reservations can be made from the date indicated. Collaboration will be sought for the development of this sustainable company and with a philosophy of circular economy. The organizers reserve the right to cancel without prior notice if the number of participants fails to cover costs. Cancellation to participation within 24 hours will not be refundable.
ABCMezcales B.V is an importer of traditional distillates and founded by Mexicans based in the Netherlands. Intellectual property belongs to its authors (ABCMezcales) and / or its guests.
For more information about distribution in the Netherlands and European countries please contact us at:
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