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The following general terms and conditions apply to the ordering, delivery and collection of orders via the webshop (the “Webshop”) via (the “Website”).

These general terms and conditions also apply to customers acting in the exercise of a profession or business.

The applicability of the buyer’s general terms and conditions is expressly rejected.

By placing an order you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


The processing of personal data of customers and loyalty card holders is subject to the Privacy and Cookie Policy of ABCMezcales B.V. applicable that you can find at

You can only place orders in the Webshop if you create an account on the Website. In order to be able to create your account and provide the functionalities, we process certain personal data about you, including your e-mail address, your password and your date of birth. This allows you to continue to use your account and we ensure that you can log in securely. You can view all data that you have provided to us online in one place under “My account” on the Website. This data is personal and we ask you to treat it confidentially, in particular by providing your email address and password. exclusively for your own use and only to store it on your own computer.

We will do our best to ensure as much as possible that the Website is virus-free, but unfortunately cannot guarantee this. The Website contains links to third party websites. We select the websites referred to as carefully as possible. However, we cannot guarantee the content and functioning of third-party websites.


When you visit the Webshop, you consent to be compliant with minimum age (the so-called age check), before you continue to the Website. If you place an order with us via the Webshop, you must create an account with an email address and password, with which you can easily log in from now on.


All intellectual property rights with regard to the Website, including those with regard to the software, texts, images and sounds, are vested in ABCMezcales B.V. and/or from those from whom we have obtained a license. This means, among other things, that it is not permitted to publish, reproduce and/or edit the information stated on the Website without our permission, except for personal use.


The content of Facebook and emailings is only intended for persons 18 years and older. By liking the Facebook account or subscribing to the emailings you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older. Nothing may be forwarded to or otherwise made available to anyone under the age of 18.


1. If you place an order in the ABCMezcales Webshop, our parcel deliverer “MyParcel” will take care of the delivery of the items to the delivery address in the Netherlands or the specified address.

2. Delivery via parcel deliverer:

When placing an order our delivery company MyParcel will handle it and you can follow the parcel via the link that you will receive. Please visit the terms and conditions that MyParcel provide and the way of handle it.

3. Pick up at ABCMezcales Location (except ABCMezcales convenience):

You can see which collection periods and times apply to your order via the order screens on the Website. If you order before 22:00, the order can be picked up the next day in the Location.We strive to meet these collection times and times, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee the moments. You can therefore not hold us accountable for late delivery.

You must collect your order from the selected store within 7 days of delivery. If there is any doubt as to whether you meet the applicable age requirement of 18 years, you must identify yourself before the order is handed over. The customer will be reimbursed for the order amount minus the shipping costs (€ 5.95). If the reason that the delivery could not take place is that one or more times it could not be established that the minimum age requirement has been met, EUR 10.00 in cancellation costs will be charged.

4. In principle it is not possible to cancel an order (via the Webshop) after the order has been confirmed by us (receipt of order confirmation by email). Depending on the day and time (working day for delivery before 10 p.m.), cancellation may still be possible by contacting us.


You can pay for the online order via iDeal (pay directly via internet banking), Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard). You will receive the invoice of your order via email. For more information about iDeal, please refer to 


If you have placed a business order, we will send the invoice digitally to you as a PDF. The invoice must be paid within 14 days. If the consumer does not meet his payment obligation(s) in time, after he has been informed by the entrepreneur of the late payment and the entrepreneur has granted the consumer a period of 14 days to still meet his payment obligations, after the If payment is not made within this 14-day period, the statutory interest will be owed on the amount still owed and the entrepreneur is entitled to charge the extrajudicial collection costs incurred by him. These collection costs amount to a maximum of: 15% on outstanding amounts up to € 2,500; 10% on the next € 2,500 and 5% on the next € 5,000 with a minimum of € 40, =. The entrepreneur can deviate from the stated amounts and percentages in favor of the consumer. 2. When selling products to consumers, the consumer may never be obliged in general terms and conditions to pay more than 50% in advance. When advance payment is stipulated, the consumer cannot assert any rights with regard to the execution of the relevant order or service(s) before the stipulated advance payment has been made.


If you do not wish to have certain products within 30 days of receipt of the order, you can return them to us. To do this, you must contact us and we will explain the return process and applicable conditions to you in more detail. Returns are only accepted if the original packaging and contents, including the product label, are undamaged. 

Orders received must be checked immediately for visible defects. In case of detected (visible and invisible) defects, you must contact our Customer Service after discovering these defects, who will explain the return process and the applicable conditions to you in more detail. Return the defective products to a free answering number. We request that you enclose a printout of the email in which our Customer Service confirms the return shipment with the return package, so that everything can be processed correctly by ABCMezcales. We recommend that you keep the proof of shipment for your own records.

Due to administrative reasons it is currently not possible to return or exchange products at a physical ABCMezcales Location.

In the event of breakage or incorrectly delivered items, you can choose to have the amount of the relevant item credited or to have the product sent to you. In the event of breakage, we only do this if the breakage is reported no later than the next working day following the day of delivery. We therefore expect that you check the delivered package for breakage immediately after receipt. Sending by Customer Service is only possible if the product is in stock.

Adjustment of the amount to be paid or return of the amount already paid goes as follows:

iDeal: Within a week after receipt of your return, the money will be refunded to your account. If an item cannot be returned due to, for example, breakage, ABCMezcales will refund the relevant return amount to your account within one week of reporting the defect to Customer Service.

ABCMezcales gift card: Within a week after receipt of your return, you will receive a new gift card by e-mail with the value of the return amount. If a If the item is not returnable due to, for example, breakage, ABCMezcales will send an email to Customer Service within one week of reporting the defect with a new gift card with the value of the return amount.

Credit Card: Within 7 days after receipt of your return, the money will be automatically refunded to your credit card account.


Our products are intended for end users and are not intended for resale. We therefore reserve the right not to deliver orders in case of doubt or to attach a maximum to the quantities of certain items to be ordered.

Although the Website has been created with the greatest care, it is possible that characteristics of products (price, appearance, allergen statement, product information, supplier information, alcohol percentage, volume) are not correctly displayed or depicted. In that case, the characteristics shown on the packaging of the product itself apply and you cannot claim delivery on the basis of incorrectly displayed information. In addition, changes in price and/or assortment and printing errors in the digital browsable folder are reserved.

The information on the Website is updated from time to time. If you find errors on the Website, we would appreciate it if you report this to us via our Customer Service (


We may change these Terms and Conditions. The changed terms and conditions will take effect as soon as you place a new order with us. You thereby indicate that you agree to the amended terms and conditions.

In addition, additional general terms and conditions of the ABCMezcales customer card apply.


For questions, comments and/or complaints about orders and our services, please contact our Customer Service, Our Customer Service is available from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Our Customer Service ensures that your questions, comments and/or complaints are handled as well as possible.


1. ABCMezcales does not sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18.

2. It is only allowed to have one account per person. ABCMezcales reserves the right to refuse, merge and/or close an additional account at any time.

3. In the event of (suspicion of) fraud or abuse, ABCMezcales has the right not to provide the benefits associated with the use of the customer card, to block the account and to block the customer card.

4. ABCMezcales is permitted to refuse the issuance of a card, coupon and/or points – in any form whatsoever. ABCMezcales is also allowed to remove a participant from the program at any time if there is sufficient conviction on one of the following points:

Read all about ABCMezcale’sprivacy policy here.

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